Anarchist's Union Boat Shop

Your one-stop collective for: Bespoke Houseboats; Customized Station Wagon builds, tuning, and service; and Music Distribution.


AUBS functions as a record label that distributes music for the following bands:

  1. Ernie Botts + the Miseries
  2. Precious-Little
  3. Formulae

To visit the 'official site' for each band currently represented by AUBS, for example, if you are looking to verify 'ownership' of a band from a streaming service, just follow the link for the band above.

If you are interested in AUBS distributing your band's music, contact us @ [email protected].


Building bespoke houseboats is an art, science, and extremely time/resource intensive affair. If you are interested in a consult for a customized houseboat, contact us at [email protected].


We focus almost entirely on STATION WAGONS. We generally will work with you to design, procure, modify, and hand build station wagons to customer specifications. We also provide limited repair services for Station Wagons, and certain station wagon adjacent brands (e.g. Subaru, MB, BMW, Audi). If you are interested in a consult for a customized station wagon, contact us at [email protected].

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