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Indie art rock / trash rock band dreamed up by Chad A. Carino at the turn of the millennium.

Features an inconsistent roster of variously talented performers/music adjacent folks, including Chad's sister Cassie Carino and his father David Carino. In 2000, while performing in various guerrilla shows, Chad also enlisted friend Lee Sawyer to perform various tasks, including playing the dulcimer and vocals. The first release, Gopher Coffee, was assembled using a single tape recorder and a dubious copy of SoundEdit 16 with the original three performers. Reception was muted, to say the least.

A year later, Chad began writing another album, aided by drumming and vocals from Chris Haas. Initial performances with the duo were more popular than the previous, four-strong yet drum-free performances. In 2002, the duo began recording what would become the 2003 release Pretty Insanity. To support this album, the pair recruited Justin Socha to play bass, and began touring in Connecticut (to some success), and even places that were NOT Connecticut (to somewhat less success). This period of less muted success ended when Chad randomly decided to wander off with an anarchist march and ended up in New York.

Following the impulsive dissolution of the Pretty Insanity incarnation of Precious-Little, Chad performed as Precious-Little to an audience of exactly one person in NYC before continuing to run guerrilla shows in Brooklyn before returning to Connecticut.

A revival, of sorts, briefly occurred in 2010 when Chad reunited with Justin, adding another bassist and drummer for a weekend of performances as part of an art school thesis.

To this day, they still wander the earth, accomplishing about as much as they were before.


Gopher Coffee

Gopher Coffee Album Cover

Released: 2000, 2024 (remaster)


Deluxe* 2024 Remaster** of the popular*** first album from Precious-Little, the original, amorphous, genre-agnostic**** band***** from the land of cows, Connecticut, USA.

* Contains cover songs not included in monetized release

** Some compression, eq, and reverb was added to make it slightly more consistent and tolerable to listen to

*** At least 10 people and more than 50 cows have heard the original release

**** Most people would call this musical ADHD. It's more of a condition than a feature

***** Consensus is more that this a group of people near a microphone at a similar point in time


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Pretty Insanity

Pretty Insanity Album Cover

Released: 2003, 2024 (remaster)


2024 Remaster of an (some would say THE) album by Precious-Little originally released in 2003. Introduction from the original release follows:

In the early weeks of the summer of 2001, the operators of the largest radio telescope in South America, a location known most widely for its research into the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, began to receive a series of large transmissions from an unknown source. These transmissions, long kept secret, were declassified in the winter of 2002 amid rampant speculation as to their nature and intent. At the time of its release, they were believed to contain a "time capsule" from a dying race on a dying planet at the opposite end of the galaxy, a claim supportedby an apparent warning of our own planet's coming demise in the first transmissions. These transmissions are now believed to be spurious or a hoax; however, global interest has grown immensely since the public release of the transmissions, and Precious-Little was commissioned to perform a cultural translation of the transmissions, the result of which you are currently holding in your hands.

Did this information help you appreciate the music more? Probably not...


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  9. Pretty Insanity Original Art Insert Booklet (PDF)
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