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Ernie Botts was the stage name that Chad A. Carino selected for himself when he got tired of the persona he had developed for performing under his given name. So, Ernie Botts is normal Chad A. Carino, and Chad A. Carino is the persona. Make sense?

(he will be referred to as Ernie for the rest of this bio to reduce confusion)

The full title of Ernie Botts + the Miseries occurred when Ernie was working on recording solo, stream of consciousness songs (that would become the release The Art of Fading Thought) and realized he was writing for an audience of one. He claims to have decided that all audience members for any of his solo work would likely be miserable, and therefore claim the title of 'the Miseries'. Audiences, however, failed to play along at the sporadic live shows following the release of TAOFT in 2003.

Toward the end of 2003, Ernie began adding 'hacked' robotic toys to the MIDI triggers set up to play layered tracks at live shows, claiming to hypnotize audience members who listened to more than one song... to what end, no one knows. During this time, he disappeared due to serious illness for a month, and then reappeared with a new EP, Dysphoria. Apparently, this was recorded both in stream-of-consciousness and in the middle of treatment for the illness.

In 2005, the release Backyard Experiments in Noise revealed a more layered approach, even as the tempo shifts and complexity grew more unsettling than in previous works. Ernie disappeared again, for a number of years, before returning to the stage with a new outfit (Formulae). Outtakes and solo tracks recorded during this period were released as a new album in 2008, Unresolved History. This release was followed by a number of shows (with people instead of robots, this time!) in support of the album from 2008-2010.

All prior releases from Ernie Botts + the Miseries are being released in 'remastered' form in 2024. This seems like quite the gap.


The Art of Fading Thought

The Art of Fading Thought Album Cover

Released: 2003, 2024 (remaster)


While working heavily on the production of Precious-Little's Pretty Insanity, Ernie wrote several tracks that fit neither the theme nor the overall vibe of the album. Rather than cast these scratch tracks into oblivion, or include them as bonus tracks, he started re-recording them using a single microphone and a guitar for release as a solo project.

Free from the trappings of the on-stage persona, as well as any expectations for genre or quality, he began composing and recording even more songs in one track, fully stream-of-consciousness. Although originally planned as a release titled 'Single Track Mind Recordings', based on this conceit, additional tinkering, re-recording, and sparing addition of tracks to some songs resulted in something somehow more organic and less off the cuff than the original idea.

Tracks were arranged to gradually move from more composed work to more improvised as the album wears on; this idea of 'fading', thus mimicking the lifecycle of an ephemeral idea forever lost to moments past, led to the eventual final title, 'The Art of Fading Thought'.


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Dysphoria Album Cover

Released: 2004, 2024 (remaster)


As can often happen, the songs on this album was inspired by a significant low in the artist's life: Ernie Botts was severely ill for months, and suffering the entire time. The early diagnosis: 'dysphoria' due to depression. Later diagnoeses were more accurate, but the idea stuck with him as he ailed and recovered.

As less often happens, he started writing AND recording these songs while the suffering continued. Alone, paranoid from drugs and (assumed) looming death, Ernie crafted each song to disorient, dissociate, and unsettle the listener.

Dysphoria was released soon after his recovery.


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Backyard Experiments in Noise

Backyard Experiments in Noise Album Cover

Released: 2005, 2024 (remaster)


While experimenting with a more nuanced songwriting process involving such steps as 'editing' and 'using a studio space that is not an echo chamber filled with noisy animals', Ernie Botts began creating songs that were more polished but still integrated the raw emotion and stuttering rhythms from earlier work. The result is a collection of songs that sound a bit like pop music transcribed to a decomposing merry-go-round's Wurlitzer, then performed by studio musicians primarily selected form high school battle of the band third runner ups. Although there are some solid songs, most of the release is uneven enough to preclude repeat listening. Prove us wrong!


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Unresolved History

Unresolved History Album Cover

Released: 2008, 2024 (remaster)


A collection of tracks written and recorded from 1999-2008 by Ernie Botts + the Miseries. Limited by technology, access to instruments, and pure lack of skill, these tracks are just as rough and uninviting as the rest of the band's oeuvre, but with the uneven level of polish and complexity that comes with compiling a decade's worth of output that wasn't good enough for the other albums. It's the blended whiskey of Eb+M. Try it with ice or sour mix to really open up the bouquet


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